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Author Q&A 1

Author Q&A 1 published on

Hello! I’m Phi, your comic author.

A while back I offered to do a Q&A for the anniversary. Here are some of my answers for your questions.


[What inspired you to make Ashflight and its colorful world of characters?]

Ashflight started out as a bunch of little ideas I daydreamed in the middle of class. Ever since then, I’ve just been slowly adding on more and more to the pile as I thought of them. So I guess there was never really a single thing that inspired the story. I just had a story to tell, and I wanted to get it out there.


[Do you have any advice for anyone out there looking to/getting into starting a webcomic of their own?]

Hmm… I’ll be honest, this is difficult to answer. I’m certainly not an expert nor is my comic all that successful, and I’m not sure what I could say that hasn’t already been said by all the content creators out there. If there’s one piece of advice I could give, I’d say… take it easy!

So many people think, because the webcomic is gonna be their proudest work, it has to be perfect in every way. While I may agree that a passion project should naturally have a lot of passion in it, I also believe that because it’s your own creation that you’re making for yourself, you might as well make sure you’re enjoying it. It’s an idealist approach to things, but if I were only interested in pursuing practical and realistic paths in life, then I wouldn’t be doing art.

I think making a project like this should be something that makes you happy. So really, there’s no point in pushing yourself, making sure every detail is flawless, adhering to every rule, following the norms and trying to be like everyone else.

If there’s one slightly unusual thing I do with my comic, it would be the fact that the outline of my story is actually still very very vague. Of course a lot of major plot points and mysteries are already planned out, but I also think it’s more fun to leave a lot of blank spaces in the details to be slowly figured out as the comic progresses.

Having everything planned out to the smallest detail can make the creation process so dull. Little things like this make it more interesting for me. You find your way of enjoying it too.

Anyway, this kinda dragged on. The point is, there are no rules. Have fun! It sounds cheesy as heck, but it’s really important to remember that.


[What is your go to snack when you’re working on the comic?]

I actually don’t eat and work at the same time that often. Though I will sometimes have a cup of milk tea on the desk for longer drawing sessions. Especially the kind made with milk instead of powder, yeahhh that’s the good stuff.


[When does Poppy become a marketable plushy?]


In all seriousness though, not sure! Maybe! Who knows! I guess I might consider if the comic ever becomes popular enough.


That’s all I’m answering for now! Thank you all for the questions, and apologies if I missed yours. Either I couldn’t answer it due to it being a spoiler that will be answered in the comic eventually, or I didn’t feel like I was ready or capable of giving a good answer at this time. But there will be more opportunities in the future. Until then, seeya, and hope you have a nice day!